Swelling Starches

Swelling Starches

Pre-cooked starches have a thicker particle size than native starches and absorb much more water. Because they are already cooked, they can be used as thickeners in cold recipes as well as in products intended for cooking.

The binding and thickening properties of pre-cooked starches make them suitable for various applications such as sauces, soups, creams, dressings, but also fillings and baked goods in general.

In the bakery industry, pre-cooked starches are used to regulate water absorption, improve dough properties, enhance flavour and extend the shelf life of finished products.

We can offer the following pregelatinised starches for your production:

  • Pre-cooked rice starch
  • Pre-cooked corn starch
  • Pre-cooked tapioca starch

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